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Track / April 22, 2015

3825 Gulf Fwy
Dickinson, TX 77539
(832) 769-3376

Probably one of the coolest places in the area to take kids and adults! We always have a blast here and it isn't completely overpriced like Main Event or ITz. We absolutely love the all day wristbands where you can ride, laser tag and game to your hearts content. The go-karts are a blast and the two seater ones are extremely fast. They let you go for about 5 minutes and the lines are never extremely long. We really love the laser tag too as it is fun competing against friends and family on opposing teams. The games are great too (especially deal or no deal) and they've even got pool and air hockey. The green games are included with the wristbands (including the walking dead game) and the pink ones cost money but you can get prizes. Love this place! Always a fun weekend here and it's open till 12.

Great fun, and cheap! You can't go wrong coming here. Very clean facility as well. Staff is very helpful when there has been problems with some of the machines. (It happens) We'll always come here!

I took my younger siblings to a birthday party here a few weeks ago, and they both had a great experience. Seeing as how it was already paid for, I can't comment on whether the prices are reasonable, but if you're looking for a place to go race go carts, I believe this is the only business in the area offering that. In addition to go carts, Bay Area Raceway also has a number of arcade games. It's basically like a smaller version of Chuck-E-Cheese with go carts, and minus the mascot.

My little sister had her birthday party here last weekend and I think I had more fun than she did! The karts are pretty slow and I had more fun playing the arcade games, but I am very fond of this cute little place and think it is a great way to kill a few hours on a beautiful sunny day.

This place has definitely gotten better than it was. Employees were friendly. Party rooms are tiny, and I don't think this business is big enough to host a full fledged party. A lot of the games are super old, like from the 80s. They do have some newer ones, but they require 4 tokens! Yikes! I think I would have liked it more though if I didn't have to deal with telling an employee every time my token didn't work, or tickets didn't dispense. It seemed to be a reoccurring issue. If you needed to find an employee they were all up at the counter goofing off together. The plus side to this place? The prizes were awesome for the tickets! Compared to Chuck E Cheese if you have 150 tickets you can get a full sized bag of skittles here! Where as the rat place will give you a sticker for the same amount of tickets. If I return it will probably only be for the go carts.

The racetrack here is nice and always a lot of fun. Great for kids and adults. However, the arcade and food area I feel uncomfortable just standing in. The bathrooms are always dirty and so is the arcade. I've never eaten here (I don't think they offer food) but I wouldn't even bring food here for a kids birthday party or anything. I wouldn't host parties here for that reason only. This is a great spot for dating teens, dating adults, or to bring your kids to ride carts. Don't plan to stay in the arcade.

We had my son's 6th day here a little over a year ago. They book exclusive parties on Sunday mornings and the dates an full up fast. It was inexpensive and very accommodating with bringing food/cake. The only thing noting is that sometimes I-45 has beach/shopping traffic and alternate routes get confusing since most of us came from Houston area. Another small note was that during the party some machines were turned off and others weren't working. But there was lots of entertainment for folks.

I visit game rooms all over the country and this place has some amazing games. They have missile command and space invaders. you just dont see these game anymore. They have fast go-karts and the service is awesome. If you are intrested in having a morning party, book it way in advance, the dates fill up fast.

We have been here several times and every time my family has a great time. We drive from an hour away to ride the go carts. I had an issue once and when it was brought up to management the owner immediately contacted me and was very considerate.

Came here with my cousins today and, well, it was alright, i didn't get a chance to ride the go karts because it was raining when i was there so i won't be commenting on that. The Game Room Looked Nice, but it had some problems that prevent me from giving this place 5 stars. For starters a few of the games were broken. Example, the 2nd player side on rush the rock failed to load. Also the Tokyo cop had negative credits in it.(don't ask) Luckily i was able to get an employee to help me get rid of the negative credits, employee was nice so that's a plus. The 2nd reason that prevents me from giving this place a 5 star rating and this is important so pay close attention, some of the games were WAY OVERPRICED, i mean 4 tokens for Tekken 3? why? that game is almost as old as me.( i was born in may of 1997, tekken 3 came out in march of 1997. also last time i came it was 3 tokens, now 4? Why jack the price up?) Another one that was overprice was Harley Davidson and the L.A riders, which is 4 tokens( Came out in January of 1998 in the states.) Area 51, 3 tokens.( Came out in 1995) Daytona USA 4 Tokens.( CAME OUT IN 1994, did i mention that the 1p side is out?) Time Crisis 2, 3 Tokens( Came out in 1998) Time Crisis 3 And Tokyo Cop Are Both 4 TOKENS. (Also Both Came Out in 2003, yep a decade old games are still a dollar per play) And Last But Not Least, Cruis'n World, 3 tokens.( Came Out in November of 1996) Maybe if this is the late 90s this would be fine, but hello, we are living in 2014, and prices like these just baffle my mind. Anyway, that's all i have to say about this place, the atmosphere was nice, and it did have some cool games like missile command, Sega Rally 3, Grid, ( Which i did a video of) X-men Vs Street Fighter, and even a neo-geo with samurai showdown 2, so a nice game room, just needs some of the prices on the games lowered.

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