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Equipment / December 15, 2019

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Whoever said that, "A fish rots from the head down, " must have been referring to this crowd of jackasses! The word "courtesy" is definitely NOT in the vocabulary of these Neanderthals, much less in their vacuous craniums, and "customer service" to these peckerwoods is the ultimate oxymoron. Even the supervisors, especially Bruce, are all south ends of northbound Clydesdale's! Add the unheard of rip-off lunacy of forcing the customer pay the freight charges for any returned merchandise, and all I can say is, one would have to be an even bigger jackass, Neanderthal and peckerwood than these clowns are to even call them, much less purchase anything from them! Two words sum up my experiences with AutoSport - THEY SUCK!

I have ordered from this company in the past and the service was good, not great. I just ordered from them again for things for my wive's new vehicle, and service now SUCKS. My wife had called to see approx date of delivery and the staffer started getting ugly on the phone. I called after the order came in beause of some problems with order as was treated like garbage from Brett. You can order most of these items from other companies that will have better service, I have placed my LAST order here and will do my business at other places.