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Karting Wear

Sports Review / August 20, 2017

Whilst it’s always best to check with the event host or track, generally speaking, casual karters need only wear a simple set of overalls or a single layer suit over normal clothes. Kart gloves, although not always required, are recommended to combat wind chill and protect your hands in event off an accident. A good pair of trainers is normally sufficient though proper kart boots would be recommended.

For those wishing to compete in organised competitions and club races more protection is required and clothing often must comply with CIK and FIA regulations. Kartwear is designed to be resistant to abrasion; a one piece kart suit is preferred as it leaves no skin exposed. We recommend a multi layered suit for the best protection. Boots should cover the ankles and gloves are required to protect the driver’s hands. Karting specific boots and gloves are preferred at this level, not only due to the extra protection they provide, but their lightweight properties allow for excellent feedback from the kart.

Karting underwear is advised for more regular karters as it offers increased comfort, with some even providing temperature controlling properties. These thin base layers are designed to be comfortably worn under a kart suit and not restrict driver moment.

Although further protection in the form of body armour is not usually a strict requirement, due to the high speeds of modern karts and the forces generated by cornering, at the very least chest armour is heavily recommended to protect the ribs.