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Equipment / October 26, 2017

Had an excellent weekend with the Pre-War visitors and hope to see them again next year. They were pleased and will spread the word about the event. Our staff and the Hallett corner workers were most efficient and kept the racing at a very competent level. The professionalism of the individuals who ... Read More »

The Mike Stephens, Bill Hill, Ron Shade Memorial Races featuring Formula Fords and Pre-War cars was another great weekend at Hallett. I think the race was a record for CVAR with 130 entrants including 9 Pre-War cars. We had guests from HVR, RMVR, SVRA, VSCDA, VDCA, VSCCA, VARA and SCCA. The weather ... Read More »

CVAR SAFETY, Addendum, March, 2017 I neglected to fully proof-read my original article and have been reminded by several folks that I didn’t address the current FIA belt requirements. They have not changed! FIA certified “safety harnesses” are STILL certified for 5 years after their date of ma... Read More »