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Equipment / August 11, 2016

Piloti Spyder S1 Touring ShoeListen to your feet! Shoes are a critical (but often ignored) piece of safety equipment. Racing shoes have to do a lot of things:

  • Shoes must be comfortable, but thin enough for the driver to feel the pedals.
  • Shoes need to offer good freedom of ankle movement for accurate throttle and brake control.
  • Shoes should not slip off the pedals when wet.
  • Shoes must protect your feet from painful burns.

Nomex/Kevlar Shoe Laces Pegasus stocks OMP, Simpson, and Piloti driving shoes in many different styles, for autocross or racing. We offer high and low top styles with or without FIA or SFI certification.

And let's not forget, your shoes need to stay on your feet to do their job! We stock replacement laces made of strong, fire-resistant blend of Kevlar® and Nomex®.

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Piloti Spyder S1 Touring Shoe

The low-cut Piloti Spyder S1 is an updated version of the popular Spyder SV. It retains the patented Roll Control heel and heel-and-toe sole reinforcement.

Nomex/Kevlar Shoe Laces

Fraying or damaged laces are a safety hazard. Our replacement Nomex/Kevlar shoe laces fit both low and high top racing shoes.

OMP Sport Line Driving Shoes, SFI 3.3/5