Auto Racing Helmets Wrap

Equipment / January 27, 2018

New Color without Paint

A wrap consists of a vinyl layer over the top of your existing paint. It can have the same depth and clarity as actual paint, but costs a fraction of a quality paint job.

Infinite Creativity

Your imagination is the limit for a wrap. You can go simple with a standard color change, or go wild with matte, satin, chrome, brushed metal and carbon fiber finishes. Custom graphics and 2-tone layouts can give a striking one-of-a kind look for the ultimate expression.

Long-Lasting and Durable

A properly installed wrap can last as long as you have your vehicle. It’s maintained the same way as paint, allowing for standard wash and wax. You will no longer have to worry about nicks and scratches. It’s like clear bra for your entire car.

Protects Existing Paint

The vinyl is installed as an air-tight bond to the existing paint, essentially preserving the paint underneath. If you decide to change the color again, or want to remove the wrap when selling the car, the paint underneath will remain as pristine as it was before the wrap.

High-Profile Advertising

Custom graphics for advertising have proven to be an excellent tool for bringing awareness to your business, and are critical for attracting customers for food trucks and other mobile businesses. We do full design and installation for commercial applications.

Vehicle Wrap Services

Wraps are designed specifically for your vehicle. All prices are ballpark estimates and can vary by application. Please contact us for a free quote.


Coupe Starting at
$3, 500
Sedan Starting at
$4, 250
SUV Starting at
$4, 700
Truck Starting at
$5, 000
  • Entire body of motorcycle.
Starting at


Door Jambs
  • Covers the inner edges of the doors.
Pin Stripes
  • Adds a graphical line down the entire length of the vehicle.
  • Covers only the hood of the vehicle.
  • Covers only the roof of the vehicle.
  • Covers only the trunk of the vehicle.
Hood Stripe
  • Adds stripes down the center of the vehicle for the entire length.
Starting at

Auto Accessories

  • Custom printed helmet wraps.
Starting at
Trim Bezels
  • Covers interior trim pieces.
Starting at