Simpson moto motocicleta jaqueta de corrida jaqueta com protetores

Simpson Racing Jackets

Racing / May 15, 2021

THE SET-UP: Speedster Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise, pictured) plays a rookie car racer who, with the help of the crusty car mechanic, Harry Hogge (Robert Duvall), goes through the NASCAR circuit, winning, losing and loving a sultry MD, Claire Lewicki (Nicole Kidman).

THE LOOK: Our hero slides into this film on the back of a motorcycle, headed for a driving tryout at the Daytona track. He's wearing a James Dean attitude and a long black duster, black jeans and custom-made cowboy boots-a look trendies have already picked up. But for most of the story his outer wear consists of a '50s denim jacket with suede collar. As for the unorthodox neon stripes on his racing suits, the movie's costume designer, Susan Becker, says the producers and the direct got that bright idea first. Most team colors aren't neon, but Simpson Race Products, which styled the movie race wear, is now receiving phone calls about doing so, Becker says. The brights make it easier to find Cruise in the picture.

For good ol' boy Duvall's wardrobe, Becker turned to costume houses and the Goodwill, and eventually found a belted leather storm jacket from the '40s at American Rag Classics on Melrose. Kidman's outstanding white linen suit is from Armani men's wear, tailored for her. She even wears it in the race pit. Becker explains, "You're not allowed to wear skirts in the pits, for safety reasons as well as to minimize distractions. And clothes can't be too bare, either."