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G Force Safety Equipment

Sports Review / July 23, 2021

Have questions about G-Force’s newest attraction, Archery Tag? You’ve come to the right place! See below for our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on our Archery Tag FAQ page!

Q: Are the arrows safe?

A: Yes, absolutely. They are foam tipped with a special, lightweight compound that allows the arrows to achieve a good trajectory without causing any pain when they impact. Regardless, we require that all participants wear the proper safety equipment and follow the proper safety procedures. Safety is not a compromise at G-Force Karts.

Q: Can I bring in my own equipment?

A: No. The bows we provide are made especially with safety in mind, and will be the only bows allowed in the arena. Obviously, you cannot bring your own arrows.

Q: What are G-Force’s hours?

A: These are our . Our hours are seasonal and are subject to holidays and facility rentals. Check our event calendar and Facebook page for announcements and closings.

Q: How do I play/how do you know when you are out?

A: Archery Tag plays similar to dodgeball, with the goal being to eliminate the other players, but with an enemy “base” as an additional target. Please refer to the page for more details. When someone shoots you, you raise your hand(s), call it out and walk to the nearest “out of bounds” area. It is an honor system. However, the two game wardens in each session will call you out if you get hit… and if they catch you cheating, you’ll be sat out immediately.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Whatever you’d like, but those in athletic gear will have a distinct advantage over those wearing flip flops and tight jeans.

Q: Do the arrows get in the way? Can I step on them and not get hurt?

A: You can step on the arrows if you’d like, but you won’t want to! Arrows are limited in the match, and any arrows you can find should be picked up immediately!

Q: What age does my son/daughter have to be to play Archery Tag?

A: We require children to be at least 8 years old to play Archery Tag. No exceptions…sorry. Everyone must sign before playing archery tag.

Q: How many arrows do I get for each challenge?

A: The “Quiver” on each side of the arena is loaded with varying amount of arrows depending on the game type. There will be enough available for each player, but this is no rapid-fire event. Managing your arrows is an extremely important part of the overall strategy in Archery Tag

Q: How long are the challenges?

A: Each challenge is a maximum of 7 minutes. We usually average 2-5 challenges per session. That all depends on how quickly they go.

Q: Do you offer Archery Tag memberships?

A: Our membership packages include archery tag, karting and lasertag. With each membership, you get big discounts on each activity plus free games/races, etc. Take a look at here!

Q: Do you offer Archery Tag Birthday Parties?

Thanks for checking out the Archery tag FAQHave any other questions about ? Call us today at (804) 228-0188 or online!