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Equipment / August 12, 2021

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The Lightest, Narrowest, Prettiest, most Consistent and Durable Shifters available. Designed from the ground up as the ultimate automatic transmission shifter, these no-compromise solutions provide positive locking shift gates, optimum control, dead-on repeatability and long term reliability. This is the prettiest, most dependable shifter available, suitable for real Race Cars, Pro Street Cars or your Street Car. They work perfectly with Standard or Manual Valve Bodies, Forward or Reverse Shift Patterns in Drag, Street and Circle Track Race Cars.

To date no POWER SHIFT I, KWIK SHIFT I or KWIK SHIFT II unit has ever been returned broken, defective, malfunctioning or misbehaving since production begin in 1988. We like it that way. Precision Performance Products maintain this reliability record by utilizing only the highest quality materials, precise CNC machining, finite calibration and obsessive dedication. Every PPP product is carefully and thoroughly inspected, qualified, and load tested before shipment.

GM applications include PowerGlide, Turbo Hydro 350, 4 00, 200R4, and 700R4, Ford applications include C4, C6, AOD, AODE, and 4R70W, Chrysler applications include Torque Flite 727 and 904

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